Common Questions About Refurbished Laptops

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When it comes to the technology industry, consumers seem to have quite a few questions about refurbished products. Whether it be a phone, laptop, tablet, or any other device, buying it “used” from the store feels incredibly unnatural. 

At Tech Easy Pay, we sell some of the best refurbished laptops online. That said, sometimes people seem hesitant to purchase refurbished laptops because they are unsure of the laptop’s quality compared to a new laptop that is fresh out of the box. In order to provide potential buyers with more information about refurbished laptops, we will answer a few of the common questions that we receive on a daily basis. Continue reading to learn more. 

What Exactly Is a Refurbished Laptop?

Over time, the word “refurbished” has become misunderstood. In fact, when people think of refurbished computers, they typically think of a used computer — almost like one that you buy off of Craigslist from a stranger. In reality, a refurbished laptop can mean many things. 

Refurbished laptops can be laptops that were used as a display model and can’t be sold at full price, laptops that arrived in damaged packaging, used laptops that have been purchased by a refurbisher, and laptops that have been returned for malfunctions that have since been resolved. Because of this, the term “refurbished” can mean many things — ranging from laptops that have been fixed to brand new laptops that came in poor packaging. The only thing that remains constant through all types of refurbished laptops is that they are sold for below retail prices.

What Is A Refurbished Laptop’s Lifespan?

In most cases, when people buy tech, they do so with the intent to keep it for a long time. So it makes sense that a buyer might be weary to buy a refurbished laptop. That said, people who claim that refurbished laptops are half as powerful as new laptops and that their battery life is questionable are usually making a drastic overstatement.

Sure, the battery quality of any electronic that you buy will begin to dwindle the second you turn it on for the first time, but that doesn’t mean that your refurbished laptop won’t function well. In fact, some refurbished laptops have had a completely new battery installed before being sold. Rather than assuming all refurbished laptops will have a shorter life span, consider asking the retailer who sells the laptop what work has been done to refurbish the product. 

Will My Refurbished Laptop Look Used?

When most people are looking for a new computer, whether it be a brand new laptop or a reconditioned laptop, they want it to be a product that looks as nice as it costs. Because of this, some people are skeptical of refurbished laptops because they think that it might look worn out or dated. 

At Tech Easy Pay, we understand that it can be difficult to purchase a product that has any damages at all — even minor scratches on the casing. Because of this, we make sure to notify our customers of the reconditioned laptop’s condition before they buy them. For example, of our refurbished Macs for sale, our 2015–2016 12” Macbooks are offered as being in “good” or “excellent” condition. Good condition is what we consider as a laptop that has minor scratches on the casing or small dings. Our laptops that are in excellent condition, however, will not have any major flaws — ensuring that your laptop will look newer. 

Will Buying a Refurbished Laptop Save Me Money?

In short, yes. Buying a refurbished laptop will save you money. When a laptop is refurbished, it’s tech is essentially restored to factory quality — whether that be with replacement parts or software coding — and sold at a discounted price. 

In addition to a reduced price, reputable retailers will also offer warranties as a way to back up the restoration work that they have done on the computer. At Tech Easy Pay, we have a couple of warranty offers that you can select when you’ve found a refurbished laptop to purchase. 

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