What Is The Difference Between A Reconditioned Computer And A Used Computer?

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When you are looking for a new computer online, you will likely run into three different kinds of computers — used computers, refurbished or reconditioned computers, and new computers. For most people, a new computer is out of the question right away. Or at the very least, it is a very expensive option that needs to be well thought out. 

Due to the price increases in new computers coming straight from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) in the last decade, many people now look for used or refurbished computers instead of seeking out a new computer when it is time to upgrade from their old laptop.

As a company that specializes in pre-owned and reconditioned computer sales, here at Tech Easy Pay, people often ask us what the difference is between a used computer and a reconditioned or refurbished computer — and in today’s blog, we will tell you what we tell them. Continue reading to learn more!

So What Is The Difference? 


When you are looking for a new laptop (and by that we mean new to you), you will likely see plenty of used laptops and plenty of reconditioned and refurbished laptops. The first and most obvious difference that you will notice is who is selling the laptop. Used laptops are sold through platforms like Craigslist, eBay, and other online platforms for people to sell their own personal items. Reconditioned and refurbished laptops, however, are sold by vendors in the technology industry. When you are purchasing a laptop from a vendor, your purchase is more secure and you have protections in the form of warranties and proof of purchase. 


When people are comparing a used laptop and a reconditioned laptop for sale from a technology vendor, they sometimes think “Well, the owner of the used laptop claims that it has never been broken or damaged. And a reconditioned laptop suggests that something did break or become replaced — so isn’t the used computer the obvious choice?”

While it might seem like a better move to purchase the used computer that has never been damaged, there are two things that you need to consider. First, who is to say that the person selling you the computer is telling the truth or actually knows if the laptop functions optimally? And second, what would happen if you were to buy the used computer only to have it break shortly after? Would the person refund you? Sadly, that is unlikely. 

When you buy a reconditioned laptop, you are essentially buying a laptop that has been fixed and restored to factory quality by a professional. And if something is to go wrong with the computer, you can always return it (within 30 days of purchase). 

When You Shop, Shop For Refurbished Or Reconditioned Computers…

At Tech Easy Pay, we fix and sell high-quality computers that have experienced minor damages. Once restored, they are almost as good as new — and we offer a 30-day warranty because we are so confident that you won’t be able to tell the difference between the refurbished computers and a new one. 

If you are interested in a reconditioned computer of the highest quality, we urge you to browse our online store today. Have questions about the computers or the financing options that we offer? Contact us today.