How to Buy a Refurbished Laptop for Your Teen

tips to buy laptop for teen tech easy pay

Looking for a laptop to finance when you have bad credit is not exactly fun. It can be hard to find a company who offers computer financing with bad credit. Thus, looking for a refurbished laptop for your teen can be just as challenging.

Tech Easy Pay offers the best reconditioned laptops for sale to those with bad credit. Our approval process is easy. You simply apply online, and you get an instant decision on approval. All you need is a monthly income of $1,000, a three-month income history, and a checking account. Below, we’ll offer up tips on how to buy a refurbished laptop for your teen. Visit us online for your laptop financing today!


Decide Your Make and Model

The biggest decision when buying your teen a refurbished laptop is what make and model do you want. You’ll first have to decide between Apple or Windows. Once that big decision is made you can begin to narrow down your selection. Tech Easy Pay offers both types and many different models, from MacBook Pro to Dell G5.

Decide on Features

Most teens will need a refurbished laptop for school. Most high schools require teens to have laptops and even provide a stipend to buy one. This is because most assignments are now all online. From teachers posting assignments to students submitting them, a good refurbished laptop with the appropriate features is essential. Many teens will need the entire Microsoft Office Suite at the minimum. They will probably require a good bit of memory, especially if they are going into a computer or science field of study where specialty  programs, such as those needed for coding, will need to be downloaded.

Decide on Fun

In addition to using their refurbished laptops for school, they may want it to play games, surf the internet, or keep up with social media. In this case, tipsyou may want to invest in a gaming computer that is specially made with heavier graphic systems or a bigger screen to surf the internet and watch movies on. These additional features can make a big difference in your user experience so it’s wise to consider them ahead of time.


Tech Easy Pay aims to make purchasing a refurbished computer as simple as possible. We make laptop financing with bad credit simple. You go online, fill out an application, and hit “submit.” We then can approve you within minutes for a credit limit so you know how much computer you can afford. We can match your payments with our pay dates. We offer no prepayment penalties, and we encourage you to pay off your refurbished laptop early. We offer discounts if you do pay off your refurbished laptop early.

If you have bad credit and wish to purchase your teen a refurbished laptop, we can help. As you make payments, we’ll ensure your on-time payments are reported to all three credit bureaus, improving your credit score immensely. Learn more today!